Site Updates 040509

You might notice a few little updates and changes on the site. The first thing is that I’ve added a new box in the sidebar indicating the last 10 posts that have received comments (as well as the time and author). I hope this will keep old posts alive, and make for continued discussions on various topics. Also, I’ve highlighted the Google ads a bit, so that they stand out more (and remember to keep clicking). Lastly, Jesper‘s guest blogging stint now comes to an end. I’m sure I’ll have him back here sometime in the near future, but in the meantime I’m going to be setting up some blogs at the Tokyo Style in Gothenburg site, and I imagine he’ll be showing up there.

Next up is to build an archive page for TB.Selecao, and then incorporate all the Tokyo Boy archives into the main site.

Update: The archive page for TB.Selecao is now up.