+81: Nipponia Nippon Issue

I stopped at Junkudo early this afternoon on my way to work to pick up the latest PAPER SKY, and instead picked up the new issue of +81 (24). It’s the “Nipponia Nippon” issue, and covers all sorts of Japanese creative types, from web designers like Nakamura Yugo, to magazine editor/designers like Cap’s Fujimoto Yasushi (I really enjoyed his work at the great Cap exhibition held at the Ginza Graphics Gallery in March), even covering CASSHERN director Kiriya Kazuaki (he actually started his career in fashion photography). The theme for the issue is the first thing that attracted me to it (I don’t always buy +81), but I’ll also say that it’s their best designed issue yet. It truly is a thing of beauty, and I was thoroughly engrossed by the visuals alone (and I remind you that +81 is bilingual, so it’s something that we can all read). This is an absolute must-buy for anyone with even a slight interest in the world of Japanese design.