Brockmann for Sale


As mentioned in my post yesterday about our Roppongi Hills visit, here’s your chance to get a Brockmann Light Volume 0 Extreme Sports figure from Groovisions. See, I have the worst of luck when it comes to buying suprise figures (meaning you don’t know what’s in the box). When I bought 2 yesterday, I of course got copies. So this time, instead of getting bummed about it, I figured I’d try to use the power of this site to recoup my costs. So anyone interested in getting my double (I just removed the shrink wrap from the box, a nice one at that by the way, but the inside is intact), just PayPal me US$6 (includes shipping, I paid 500 yen for it) by clicking on the PayPal icon in the sidebar, and I’ll mail it to you.

Update: The figure has been sold.