d_013_j_sMe and Yuko stopped at Pause on our way home, and I was so enjoying whatever was playing that I had to ask about it, and they showed me the CD cover. It was an artist called Taichi, and the album’s name was AM I. Sounded like something from the Karaoke Kalk label, a nice mix of sparse sounds with incidental pop grooves lurking underneath. I must find this album. If anyone has any info on the artist, please share.

Oh, and I noticed a small sign announcing the availability of wireless Internet on the premises. So add Pause to your list of best Tokyo wi-fi hotspots (there’s a map to the place on their official website).

Update: I love you readers so much. The album I mentioned is on the Soup Disk label, and it’s out of stock. You can get more info on him from the Revirth label’s site, where you can listen to some of his tracks.