Rice+ is a former rice shop in Kyojima, Sumida-ku, that was renovated and now functions as a unique, alternative art space. Open now at the venue is a cafe that hosts a variety of Okinawan-themed events. The cafe was named Kanasan — meaning “dear” in Uchinaguchi (Okinawan dialect) — after Okinawan artist Yamashiro Chikako, so this is another project that expresses Rice+ owner Kato Emiko’s longstanding love of Okinawa. Along with an impressive line-up of Awamori (rice Brandy), Taro of “Eat&Art” serves super-delicious Okinawan food, and the perfect island mood is completed by an attentive staff that brings the scent of the Okinawan summer to Tokyo. (REALTOKYO)

Sounds and looks like a nice place (you can see a few pics at the Rice+ site), especially since me and Yuko love Okinawa food. Picked up a few things the other day at the Okinawa shop in Ginza, including a Taco Rice set, and some Chinsuko cookies.