Remix Album by Taichi

After my big gushing over Taichi recently, I was very pleasantly surprised to see Pause selling a new remix album by him at their cash register (first time I see them selling a CD), which I quickly picked up. It’s an exclusive release from Jet Set Records, featuring 21 remixes of artists like Matmos, Tortoise, Squarepusher, and much more. At a very friendly 1500 yen, you can also listen to it at the Jet Set site. Talking with one of the waitresses, she told me that she’ll get me a copy of the AM I album (out of stock from the Soup Disk label). She also mentioned that he’s a regular there, so I might get to personally let him know how much I’m enjoying his work.

Here’s the blurb from Jet Set:

JET SET exclusive!! The best MIX CD in ’04… We know it’s too early to say that in June. But this sensible mix work by a talented Japanese artist forces us to say so… TAICHI mixes up all his favorite music,from POST ROCK /JAZZ, contemporary JAZZ (like MEDESKI, MARTIN.. MILT JACKSON) to his own experimental recordings and even ZAP MAMA, BEN HARPER…This is a milestone approaching his uniqueness in eclectic way, that so-called “popular” DJs will never reach. If you’re bored with all MIX CD cliche then looking for a mix filled with fresh ideas, don’t hesitate to take it.