Samurai Champloo Rules!

That title alone is probably going to kill my bandwidth allowance, if the top 10 searches leading to my site this month are any indication:

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2. samurai champloo torrent
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I should probably change the name of the site to Champloo something or other, and start hosting all the episodes here. Give the folks what they want! As for “russian sex,” that’s probably because of the comment spam (they did a real job recently on poor Patrick’s site). “Big lips” and “porno,” well, it must mean something… I’m surprised our dear BoA hasn’t made the list, as her thread is still alive and well (and again, sorry to disappoint you guys, but I’m not her).

But let me not disappoint all you SAMURAI CHAMPLOO addicts. As I initially wrote, I love the show, and also hope that the torrents keep on coming. With the recent death/disappearance of one of the major anime torrent sites, it seems like things have been a bit quiet lately. As far as I know, although the show is still airing weekly on TV, there are only 2 episodes with fan subs that have been released. In the meantime, I need to get to that new episode of PARANOIA AGENT that Paul found for me.

Oh, and a bit of trivia for ya: champloo is a word from Okinawa that means stir-fry. This actually makes quite a bit of sense, when you see what director Watanabe Shinichiro is trying to do with the series by mixing hip-hop elements within the traditional samurai environments. Also, the main character is from Okinawa.

Update: Scratch that, I’ve just watched a fan subbed version of episode 4.