I’m thinking of finally implementing categories in the site. Might make it easier for those of you who are only interested in certain aspects of what I cover here. Also, each category would have it’s own RSS feed, so you could just subscribe to the feeds you like (and there’s also a possibility that some of these feeds will be syndicated somewhere, but more on that later). Here is a list of categories I quickly thought up. Any comments or suggestions are very much welcome.

  • Design – Anything to do with design.
  • City – Happenings in the city.
  • Magazines – New magazine releases.
  • Music – Album reviews and such
  • Ramen – Goes without saying.
  • Events – Gallery shows and the like
  • Meta – To do with this site.
  • Life – Personal raves/rants.
  • Anime – About the shows I’m watching.
  • Art – This might often end up being with Design or Events.
  • Architecture – Mostly from my TB.Grafico pictures.
  • TB.Grafico – The daily pics I post on the site.
  • Books – What I’m reading, or want to read.
  • Film – What I’ve watched, or want to see.
  • Technology – For the geek in me.
  • Cafe – Places to recommend.