An Evening at Pause

Had a great time last night at Pause. Robert made his way over, and brought some friends. It was good to see Nao and Midori again, and I met OK FREDder Audrey. I think Yuko and me went a bit overboard with our manzai-like rants, but hey, we’re products of what we watch on TV. Taichi, my fave artist of the moment, also showed up there, so I got to tell him how much I’ve been enjoying his work of late. He has a new record coming out today, that I’ll need to track down.

Oh, and Pause is now opened until 12 (it used to be 11), which sort of caught us off guard, with a last-minute rush to the station for the guests. Nao’s train didn’t make it all the way home (to Yokohama), but seems like she had a great time sharing a taxi with a drunk couple…