Mperia Loves Midori

This weeks top tracks at Mperia.

1. RazorBladeKisses – “A Death in The Dollhouse”
2. RazorBladeKisses – “Lure of The Temptress (Pairikas)”
3. Chion Wolf – “Sing Swan Songs”
4. RazorBladeKisses – “Illusions”
5. Darby O’Gill and the Little People – “Gates of Hell”
6. Chion Wolf – “valentine’s day”
7. midori hirano – “another root”
8. Nectarphonic – “A Million Things”
9. porcelain goddess – “i’m not coming in there”
10. Chion Wolf – “Leave Me”

She’s also posted some new tracks there. Here’s a link to my previous posts about her.

Update: And now she’s up to #5.