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In two days time I will be enjoying my Summer holidays, which will last for 3 weeks. I obviously cannot wait for this, as this month as been killer because of the heat, and I really need the rest. It also means that I’ll have a lot of time on my hands, and some of that time will be used to be productive. First thing, a new issue of my ezine GEISHA. I haven’t done anything with that in what seems like ages, and a message I received the other day got me thinking that it’s about time I get back to that. I’ve been concentrating too much on the technical side of the site (like with the conversion to WordPress), but not enough on the creative side. So expect something happening on that end.

Also, I want to bring the moblog over to WP, and start posting with larger pictures. I’ll probably fiddle around with the site a bit also, so we’ll see what ends up happening on that end.

For now, I’m counting the days, and hoping I don’t end up having to come back from work tonight in the middle of a typhoon!