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DJ Patrick at Caramill

Patrick did his first DJing stint last Saturday at a shop in Koenji, and he lists a part of what he played in this post. And there’s a moblogged pic of him in action here.


Anime Giants

An article from the new issue of WIRED takes a look at the growing popularity of anime in America (yeah, I know, old news), while profiling the 3 main creators who all happen to have new films out this year: Miyazaki Hayao (HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE), Otomo Katsuhiro (STEAMBOY), and Oshii Mamoru (INNOCENCE). I do feel that they should have included Kon Satoshi in the bunch (PERFECT BLUE, MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, TOKYO GODFATHERS, PARANOIA AGENT), as he definitely seems to be the new “it” creator in the field. As for Miyazaki’s new one, I saw a trailer for it when I went to see STEAMBOY, and it looks stunning. Looks like another Ghibli classic.


Shinsaibashi Apple Store


A picture of the new Apple Store that opened in Osaka last Saturday. It looks a lot more spacious than the one in Tokyo. More pics here.


Capture the Motion

Capture the Motion” is a collection of 10 very cool shorts inspired by the Olympics, sponsored by Panasonic and RES. Three of them are by Japanese artists.

A thrilling 2004 Olympics wrapped up in Athens over the weekend. RES was happy to be involved this year, by taking part in Olympic (and RESFEST) official sponsor Panasonic’s Capture the Motion short film project. The initiative sought to capture the spirit of the summer games and the essence of the five-ringed Olympic symbol, representing the union of five continents and the meeting of their athletes in friendly competition. RES helped Panasonic commission ten films from around the world that celebrated the Olympics by capturing — in 60 seconds — the beauty of human form engaged in sport. The ten filmmakers were: Ramon and Pedro (Switzerland/US) | Nagi Noda (Japan) | Lobo (Brazil) | Neil Blomkamp (South Africa/Canada) | Daniel Askill (Australia) | Bessy and Combe (France) | Joel Peissig (US) | Koichiro Tsujikawa (Japan) | Takeshi Nakumura (Japan) (RES Alert)



The hpgrp building in Ginza, where you’ll find the Hanna Gallery.



David, or Marxy, was over here last night, and he brought over a copy of his upcoming album, NEOMARXISME I – KYOSHU NOSTALGIA. I’ve been listening to it all night, and love it. Pop, pop, and more pop, with some very catchy melodies. You can download an MP3 album teaser at the Neomarxisme site.


Swedish Eyes in Tokyo

Take 4 Swedish photographers, give them Nikon digital SLRs, and you get the beautiful photo project Swedish Eyes in Tokyo. I would love to have a camera like that to play around with.


OK Fred Radio

Have I piqued your interest?

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Aqui Uzumaki 2


Another shot from the Aqui Uzumaki show.


Shiratori Masahiro

It is imperative that you check out Tori Design, the online portfolio of designer Shiratori Masahiro. Lots and lots and lots of beautiful eye candy.