During one of my frequent Junkudo magazine reading sessions, I had a look at a newish design mag from Turkey called 34. I had a look at the second issue, and quite liked what I saw. I would have bought it if not for the high price (foreign magazines are insanely expensive here).

34 is not just a magazine about style, but also a magazine about the philosophy of style. It is intelligent and beautiful, a 21st marriage of form and content. 34’s niche is that it can cover East and West with equal vigor and authority.

And how do I justify mentioning this in a Tokyo blog? Well, there is coverage of quite a few Japanese designers/personalities, including a piece on Asano Tadanobu, about his first foray as a director. The film, an anthology of 5 shorts, is called TORI, and I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of this.