Tokyo Walking

An Afternoon in Nakameguro

I leave Ikebukuro early in the afternoon for an outing in Nakameguro. The first thing I do when arriving is to take out the issue of RES I brought with me, the one with the Superfuture map of Nakameguro, so I can find the Groovisions shop, GRV1788. As I slowly make my way there, I snap pics of the surrounding area, mostly taking in the street art (which I’ll feature here over the next few days). At the GRV shop, I can’t stop myself from grabbing a t-shirt and some GRV tape (a credit card purchase, that I’m still trying to justify now; moment of weakness I guess). The other shops in the GBL building, Loopwheeler and Bonzaipaint, also have some nice stuff. I then head to the Tokion shop, only to find it closed, with a small note on the door saying that the staff went out for a bit. Oh well. I also notice that Buro-Stil has recently moved to another Nakame location.

It’s now time to meet with Robert, so I take the train to Yutenji, the next station, where he awaits with a friend. We start by going to the Idee Service Station, which I now absolutely adore. Very nice funky atmosphere, and I’m definitely looking forward to a future evening visit, like the upcoming DJ night that will feature Robert, Digiki, and maybe Midori? It’s now time to head to GlitchSlapTko HQ for a bit of relaxation. Very nice pop atmosphere, with an even better selection of drinks. Some orange juice and shochu, followed by some straight shochu… I also get a hilarious reading of his upcoming articles for VICE (everyone should have him read his articles to them; it adds a certain je ne sais quoi).

Already looking forward to my next visit to the area.

Update: Robert, as usual, outdoes my report over at the TSiG blog.

Update 2: Chad, creator of the Superfuture map, points us to a Supertalk thread where you can view it.