A while back I moblogged the 0 issue of a new magazine called HINISM. Yesterday, I went to Planet 3rd for a latte and some magazine reading (ended up staying there 2 hours), and got a chance to read issue 1. It seems that the magazine is produced by Gallery Wall, which is located in the Roppongi/Azabu area. The theme for this issue is “Stylized Design” (the 0 issue’s theme was “Crafts”), and the imagery is again simply beautiful. There was a lot more to read than what I remember seeing in the first issue (the magazine is bilingual), and it was interesting reading at that. A bit pricey (1600 yen), but very well produced.

The above image is from this listing, which has more info in Japanese.

Update (16/08/21): The image is unfortunately no longer available.