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Apple Store Presence in Japan

More reporting on the Apple Store presence in Japan, with emphasis on the new opening in Osaka, and some news on future expansion:

Apple expects the Osaka store to further emphasize the new high-brand sense that the computer company is building in Japan. The company confirmed at the opening that it will be adding another store in Nagoya in early January, based in the city center on Otsu-dori. While Apple PR reps refused to be drawn on the subject, plans for stores in all of Japan’s largest cities are more than likely with the more fashionable areas of Fukuoka, Sapporo, Yokohama and Kobe likely to be high on list of target locations along with a second location in Tokyo.

The mini format store that Apple is said to be opening in the US this Fall would fit very well within the more than 3,000 shopping buildings in Japan too. As the fastest growing retail development format in Japan, locating Apple mini stores within them would help Apple cover the nation much more rapidly and at a lower overall cost. A portfolio of five to six flagships and a string of smaller format stores would result in a very positive impact on both Apple’s bottom line and its market share in this crucial market.

You can read the full article here. Looking at the Ginza store page, I see that there will be a music event by Takemura Nobukazu on September 20.