And Up

Wired News has a piece up on a store in Aoyama that caters to iPod aficionados, but with a twist. The owner recommends pairing up an iPod with antique radios or receivers with the use of an FM transmitter, like the iTrip.

In the back streets of Tokyo’s upscale Aoyama district, there’s a little antique store quite unlike all the others in the neighborhood.

Located on the second floor of an old apartment building, And Up specializes in selling antique radios and, of all things, iPods.

The store’s owner, 50-year-old Takeyuki Ishii, recommends plugging an iPod into an FM transmitter, such as Griffin Technology’s iTrip, and listening to music through the speaker of an antique radio.

Ishii believes there is aural magic in the combination of the very old with the very new. Playing an iPod through an old radio or tube-driven amplifier gives it a special warmth and atmosphere, he says.

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