I was sent the following press release for a new t-shirt brand called Anko, that’s being distributed in the UK and Japan.

The first collection from new t-shirt brand anko launches today in the UK and Japan, with the introduction of a collection of 12 simple, stylish and fun t-shirt designs. Having grown from a seed planted by designer Andrew Duckworth there is a feeling of sensitivity and inner space running throughout this new seemingly idiosyncratic t-shirt brand.

Having spent a number of years living and working in Japan, Andrew describes the brand as one of “refreshing simplicity and balance”. Collection one comprises of 12 unique designs with a variety of ‘kawaii’ (cute) characters and text/detail adorning both the front and back of each t-shirt; with text ranging from ‘please pass the mayonnaise’, ‘where is my face?’ and ‘are you watching me smile’ to other messages which reveal a deeper level to the brand.

anko can be translated from the Japanese as ‘red bean paste’ aswell as ‘stability’ and ‘balance’. This concept of balance and simplicity runs throughout the brand, while the t-shirts in collection one are made of the highest quality interlock cotton. A women’s line is planned for 2005, with collection one being available exclusively in Tokyo and London and through the anko website.

The contact person for the brand in Japan is Yuko Yamauchi.

And while on the subject of t-shirts, let me mention that Beinghunted has just launched a new line of tees, produced in limited numbers.