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New at Muji


This afternoon I was at Muji Yurakucho, and saw that they’ve finally setup their Muji+Infill house display (pictured above left). From what I can tell, it’s actually for sale, and I so want one. How sweet it would be to have a bit of land on the outskirts of the city (somewhere like Kamakura or near Takao mountain), and live in something like this.

Atelier Muji (pictured above right) had a neat display of make-it-yourself bags and house aprons. You start from a sheet of material, with a cutting pattern clearly marked. The thing is that each one can be customized, so the pattern is not set in stone. You can cut certain areas only, etc. They were showing some video of this in action, and it looked quite nice. It doesn’t seem like they’re selling it yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it appear on shelves in the coming year. It reminded my of the Muji remix t-shirts from 2-3 ago that had patterns you could cut up to make various objects.

Shots were taken with the W21S mobile phone.

Update: I’ve just posted an entry on the model house over at MoCo Tokyo.