Tokyo Walking

No November GGG for Me

Damn. I’m in Ginza right now (writing this at the Apple Store), and wasn’t able to see this month‘s GGG exhibition, missing it by two days. I got there and could see them working on next month’s show, ANOTHER SIDE OF AYAO YAMANA, 1720s-70s, starting December 1.

While I’m here, I think I’m finally going to get a printer/scanner — something I’ve been eyeing for a few months now — if the price is right. Those iPod Socks are also looking quite fun, so I might grab those too (I’m still using the case that came with my iPod 40GB a year ago). After that, it’ll be on to the usual Ginza stops (I’ve had huge cravings for Taco Rice recently), but I’ll still have a look at Tokyo Art Beat to see if there’s anything worth catching while I’m here. I think I’ll also make my way to the Marunouchi area, to see some of those new massive shopping complexes that have popped up near Maru Biru in the past month or two.

As I walked out the door, my new issue of RES was in the mailbox, so I’ll probably stop somewhere for coffee and a good read. I’ve yet to find a cafe in Ginza I like, but it might be a good opportunity to go the second Dragonfly Cafe, that opened a few months ago near Maru Biru. If you have some favorite Ginza cafes, please let me know, as I’m always looking for a good place to relax while I’m in the area.