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ABC Foreign Book Bargain Sale!

As the article says, it’s been a crazy year for the Aoyama Book Center this year, but the good news is that things are back to normal, and it’s time for a foreign book bargain sale!

It was a year of calamities in Japan, and Aoyama Book Center makes no exception there. But as we all know now, everybody loves ABC, and thanks to the firm support and efforts of all parties involved, the shop has resumed business and is now operating as usual. Eager to make 2005 a better round, ABC’s head store presents with the grand bargain sale of foreign books in January its first highlight for the new year. Offered are all kinds of foreign publications, including also a selection of rare photo books. On January 9, Moriyama Daido and Hosoe Eikoh appear in a talk show. After finishing your pray at Meiji Shrine, I recommend you to head straight for the ABC! (REALTOKYO)

The sale happens January 7-9.