Samurai Champloo Is Back!

In case you missed it, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is back, and oh my, what a great return. The second season kicks off with a great episode that manages to allude to Harajuku (Ura-Edo), graffiti artists, and even manages a cameo by a certain Warholian lover of art… Seems like the show is turning more and more into and ASTERIX & OBELIX portrayal of the past (or even LUCKY LUKE) — Goscinny was brilliant at mocking the present in the middle of his Roman-era setting. It’s great to have the show back on air, and watching it I really got the feeling that I was reuniting with some old friends.

Oh, and is the Czech picture book in the recent episodes of MONSTER the creepiest thing ever or what! The episode that recounts the story, in the style of the book, chilled me to the bones.