Music TV

A Video Reprieve

I’ve been rather hard of late on the music video channels — with good reason — but all is not lost, as I was just reminded of the weekly SpaceShowerTV show PUSH JAPAN TYO. Just now they were playing a Groovisions directed video for a band called Freenote, for the single “Walkmen.” The song itself isn’t particularly great, but it’s not awful, and the video is quite nice. Although you’d figure it to be graphic-heavy because of the Groovisions involvement, on the contrary, it’s very performance-based, with only a few cut scenes using LED lights. I like the warmth of the colors.

I wasn’t paying attention to the credits of what came on after, but the video itself is quite nice, mixing superimposed images in a kinetic fashion.

Oh, now it’s Boom Boom Satellites, with a cool video for the track “Moment I Count.”