Wired Japan

There used to be a Japanese version of the magazine WIRED, with its own editorial content, and Oyayubizoku offers up a desktop montage (pictured above) of some of its original covers.

For those of you who are both fans of Wired and fans of Japan, I’m posting a desktop I made years ago after coming across the website of the Japanese version of Wired Magazine. This was back in the day when Louis Rosetto and team were still around, and the Japanese version had its own editorial staff. Some of the covers featured local versions of stories carried in the U.S. publication, others were unique to Japan. Thinking some of these were particularly cool, I pulled images down off their archives and assembled the image above. Sadly, it seems the original site is down entirely, but here it is for posterity.
Update (16/08/28): The image is no longer available.