Kateigaho International

I haven’t been keeping up with the magazine KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL. Although it does sport some gorgeous photography throughout, the content just doesn’t seem to interest me that much, as their focus definitely wanders towards the more traditional aspects of Japan. I did have a look through the latest issue (Spring 2005) earlier today, and there are a few articles of note: a brilliant pictorial with cover girl Chiaki Kuriyama, a look at the Meguro-ku area (we meet the Organic Cafe‘s Kazumasa Aihara — who also runs Depot and NEMS in the area — and Transit‘s Sadahiro Nakamura), and a talk with Cow Books creator Yataro Matsuura about libraries in Japan.

The Meguro-ku article reveals some interesting news. The Organic Cafe will definitely move sometime in 2005 (I’ve been hearing this since last year, with no set date), to make way for the Nakameguro Redevelopment Progam, whatever that is. As for Transit, they will be opening two new Claska-like hotels: one in Shibuya, and one in Akasaka.