This Week in Magazines

  • RELAX continues to experiment with its layout and design, and this month goes glossy! It’s also thicker than it was, but there’s something about the glossy pages that just doesn’t feel right. After releasing a nice couple of issues (following a disastrous relaunch), it looks like they’re heading in the wrong direction again.
  • This month RELAX also releases an all-Uniqlo mook. Brilliant piece of marketing actually — it’s basically a catalog made to look like an issue of RELAX. It seems like the brand is really pushing for some cred this year, something they will continue to do with the launch next week of their Seleqlo shop (April 23 to May 22), located at Rocket Gallery in Aoyama. It’s Uniqlo trying to crossover to the Harajuku/Aoyama crowd, and I’ll admit that I absolutely want that Groovisions tee that was featured in the mook, even if it has a Uniqlo logo on it. Could this finally be the year that Uniqlo comes out with a decent tee line?
  • BRUTUS looks at out-of-the-ordinary jobs, framing their story as a search for a job that will really make you happy. Again, the slow movement gets some mainstream attention.
  • CASA BRUTUS has a cover feature on museums of the 21st century, and somehow it seems like we’ve seen this type of article (or at least the buildings featured) one time too many in recent months. Sure, it’s nice architectural porn, but not particularly exciting.
  • PEN suggests shops where a man can have a meal alone. Mostly a look at counter-centric restaurants, and a lot of them French.