Karas Rules My World

anime0504-karas2If you read my Tokyo Q anime column regularly, then you know I’ve been promising to review KARAS, one of the new shows (but not on TV, it’s an OVA) set to premiere this Spring, for a while now. I finally got a chance to see it this past weekend, and it led me to do something I pretty much never do: I watched it again. Opening with what has to be the most exciting title sequence I’ve ever seen — two characters fighting in the sky gets intercut with the credits, which appear to be the result of sparks flying from sword thrusts — it slows down and presents us with a promising storyline that has me anxiously awaiting the next episode — and no word on when that will happen.

Funny thing. The next day, I meet up with Patrick Macias, who I invited over to Ikebukuro for some ramen (of course) and drinks. Turns out that his new roommate (he just moved to Tokyo last week) is KARAS’ screenwriter. Oh, and he’s a huge Muji nut. Can’t wait to meet him.