Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! This is actually the first time in years that I remember to celebrate it, and that’s only because my new favorite podcast (CBC Radio 3) has just released a special Canada Day episode. Great stuff, eh!

And while on the topic of podcasts, Apple released the 4.9 version of of iTunes this week, with full support for podcasts. I’m now using it to subscribe to all my favorite podcasts, and suggest you do the same. I really like the interface, and it makes it easy to access them, both in iTunes and on your iPod (it now creates a podcast playlist, for quick access).

As for that new podcast idea I mentioned the other day, I played around with GarageBand a bit this week, and it looks like a great and easy way to do it. Tracks are just dragged in, and then you easily drag the recorded voice bits and tracks around to edit. Nice. Next up, I need to get either the Griffin iTalk or the Belkin recorder for my on-the-street rants/raves. Anyone have experience with either, with recommendations? Macworld reviewed both a while back, and said that the iTalk was the superior product.