Jeans, Now!

In the past I’ve posted monthly reports on the top search terms that lead to this site, and stopped a while back since it got quite boring — looking at June’s top 20, 8 are related to Samurai Champloo. But I think it gets interesting if you look at 21-40:

21. jeans – Anyone want to start brand with me?

22. gamecube+advance – I’m surprised my little post (proclamation of love) on this hoax got so much attention. I’d still love to see this really happen!

23. shojo+beat – Anyone pick up the first issue? I’d love to have a look at it, which I’ll be able to do next month when I’m in Canada for 3 weeks.

24. bape+shoes – I imagine it must be due to this neverending Bape thread (things seem to have died down on the Boa thread, but it still gets at least one new comment a month). And while on the topic of Bape, I stopped by the Bapexclusive shop in Aoyama the other day, and they’re it’s still closed for renovations.

25. mikako+ichikawa – Because, you know, I have a huge crush on her.

26. %b2%60%a5%d0%ae%a5%a4l – Could this be some code for Japanese text? I’ve never used any Japanese text in my posts, but maybe in some comments somewhere.

27. samurai+champloo+episode+download
28. samurai+champloo+direct+download – Sorry to disappoint all these people, but I never link to torrents on this site.

29. tokyo+street+style – Well, this makes sense, although I don’t think I use that particularly wording much, else it would probably be much higher.

30. bae+yong+joon+girlfriend – Hahaha… This is just ridiculous. Are these people looking to be his girlfriend? There must really be nothing in English on this guy, since I probably just mentioned his name once, and as a joke.

31. nagi+noda – It’s just sad that this is probably because of that post I wrote on the pakuri thing (from a Marxy post). I really am a fan of her work.

32. samurai+champloo+episode+downloads
33. samurai%20champloo%20wallpapers – It really is a great series, by the way, and I was quite sad to see it end. I’m hoping they’ll get around to making a movie, like they did for Watanabe’s COWBOY BEBOP.

34. erog – Meme alert!

35. anna+kaneshiro – Probably referring to a post I wrote on THE RETURNER, which stars Ann Suzuki and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

36. tokyo+blog – Bingo!

37. speed+grapher – Anyone been following this one? I’m still enjoying it, but I’m not as excited about it as I was at first. I probably wouldn’t care much if it ended at 13 episodes.

38. japanese+jeans – Jeans! Now!

39. pxr-5+watch – Following that post I wrote about really wanting one, the designer, Michael Young, actually contacted me and told me he’d send me one.

40. jean – The one and only.