This Week in Magazines

  • A new issue of AXIS (116) is out, this time with a feature on the MIT Media laboratory, and a cover interview with Shunji Yamanaka.
  • The latest BRUTUS (574) features a cover story on Italian food and restaurants in Tokyo.
  • Architecture lovers will want to take a look at the current issue of PEN, with its huge feature on designer homes. Oki Sato’s Drawer House, which I mentioned in my latest Tokyo Q design column, is included.
  • I noticed that the new STUDIO VOICE (Vol. 356) is out, featuring Matthew Barney and Bjork on the cover, but I haven’t had a chance to leaf through it yet.

Does anyone know of a website for PEN? It’s the only magazine I regularly mention in these review posts that I never have a site to link to. They don’t have any site listed in the credit section of the magazine, and searches only lead to distributor Fujisan’s page.