An Afternoon in Ginza and Aoyama

Although I tend to not mention their shows here anymore since it’s such a regular part of my routine (I post on other shows in part as a reminder), I was at the Ginza Graphic Gallery and Creation Gallery G8 earlier (I’m at the Apple Store now) for this month’s shows, which cover the prize-winners of the Tokyo Art Directors Club. It’s certainly a must-see, and I ended up staying a lot longer than I though I would. I was quite pleased to see the “Live/China/ANA” TV campaign get singled out, as I’ve always quite enjoyed them — each CM is composed of footage shot from a celebrity with a handycam as they’re visiting China.

Next, Matsuya’s Design Gallery and Collection, of course, and then I’ll do a quick stopover at the Muji Yurakucho store, not having coffee and snacks this time since I want to head out to Aoyama and check out a few things there (in part for some writing assignments).

Soundtrack for the day: Shugo Tokumaru’s upcoming album, L.S.T., which I get to listen to now since I’m reviewing it for the next issue of OK FRED. I can already give you the verdict: it’s terrific!

Update: Spent a lot of time zigzagging around Aoyama, enjoying the great show currently on at Spiral, and later relaxing at Cafe @ Idee with the latest issue of AXIS (picked it up at ABC). After that, when it got dark, I did something I haven’t done in a while: wandering with no destination in mind. I ended up walking around the backstreets of Nishi-Azabu, admiring the beautiful (expensive) homes.