While I was busy enjoying my time in NYC, our second Radio OK Fred guest mix got released in the form of Marxy + U.T.’s MXUT megamix hour of fun (hopefully the first of many)! In his own words:

We went back in time to the year 1993 to ask 75 middle-school students what they would want to hear on an Internet radio “podcast” from the year 2005. Their answers very much surprised us – Liz Phair! The Turtels! [sic] The Russian Futurists! The Answers to this Pop Quiz on Animal Farm – and we hightailed it back to 2005 to put the cooler kids’ song selections and self-written skits (!) into a fifty-five minute radio mega-mix, adding only the occasional mashup and George Michael track to make things sound adequately futuristic.

You can download the show directly here, or subscribe to the podcast feed. Enjoy!