This Week in Magazines (Part 2)

  • The latest issue of BRUTUS (578) covers photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, which coincides with an upcoming retrospective at the Mori Art Museum, “Hiroshi Sugimoto: End of Time” (from September 17 until January 9). And for the first time, there are 2 pages in English that summarize every article in the Sugimoto package — let’s hope this is to become a regular feature.
  • The new PAPER SKY (14) guides us with their “Akita Nature Walk.” Beautiful photography throughout, and it really put me in a mood to get out of the city for a bit of trekking (something I haven’t done in a while). As noted in the past, PAPER SKY is no longer bilingual.
  • The latest PEN (160) also puts us in a travel state of mind with their guide to Seoul. I’m really tempted to pick this one up for my next trip to the city. Includes plenty of good art/design-related picks.
  • This month’s TITLE (October) is certainly well worth a look, with its “Old & New: Live in the Masterpiece” feature. It covers attractive living options, with lots of beautiful architectural imagery.

And I forgot to mention in yesterday’s magazine post that the latest issue of CASA BRUTUS sports a cover illustration by Groovisions (and they contribute a piece inside for a Kenzo Tange-inspired designers showcase).