Xbox in Harajuku


Xbox in Harajuku? Microsoft, face facts, no one in Japan is interested in the Xbox, and I doubt that even something like this could possibly turn things around.

Microsoft is in the midst of constructing a $400,000+ building in Tokyo for its upcoming next-generation hardware. It’s currently draped in a huge sheet emblazoned with the circular Xbox 360 logo on the front and side. If you recall, there were similar rumors swirling about a Times Square location being considered for New York, but you can’t get any more blatant (or secretive, by hiding what’s inside) than a giant logo for your console covering a 3-story office space in Japan. (Joystiq)

But you know, I’d love to be proven wrong. Oh, and for the first time in years, I’d actually like to go the Tokyo Game Show (happening next week) for a chance to try out some PS3 and Xbox 360 games.