Xbox 360 Pricing

A day before the Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft announces that the Xbox 360 will come out in Japan on December 10 (November 22 in North America, December 2 in Europe), and has shared pricing info:

Not only that, Microsoft announced the price of the Xbox 360 in Japan as well. It will be ¥37,900 (yen), which is currently equivalent to 342.46 USD. At first, we imagined that this would be the price of the 360 Core system, as opposed to the more premium bundle that comes with a built-in hard drive for $400, but it is not: 37,900 JPY will get Japanese gamers the 360 with a detachable 20GB HDD, as well as all the bundled extras Americans were expecting for nearly $60 more (44,231 JPY, to be exact). (Joystiq)

Honestly, I was expecting Microsoft to be even more aggressive with the pricing here. Let’s see if Sony and/or Nintendo will announce anything over the next couple of days.