Up for Some Flickering?

When Paul wants something done, he puts his money where his mouth is:

So despite wanting to keep my pics on my server, I have decided to finally switch to Flickr!! I mean, all my friends are there anyway! 200$ for the first person coming up with a script using the flickr API to import all my 3500+ pics from Gallery to Flickr.It needs to:
- put all my pics in Flickr sets named after the current albums in Gallery.
- transform all Gallery keywords into Flickr tags and preserve them for all pics.
- preserve all captions.
- transfer current comments into the captions on Flickr.
- preserve chronological order.

Should be a server side script I guess. If possible would do the work on its own, in one shot, not activated album per album.
I couldn’t find any on the web, what I found was many people waiting for such script… Flickr, would you hack that for us, please free us!!

Deadline: 30th of September.
contact me: pbaron … gmail.com

Paul is of course one of the creators of Tokyo Art Beat.