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Ken Mizutani, noticing that I tend to mention tees here a lot (still waiting for my Threadless order to come in), recently contacted me to talk about his UK-based online store/label called The World Chico. More than just a store featuring cool t-shirts, they also started an exhibition project that sounds interesting. Here’s more from Ken:

The project was launched in May to exhibit the work of established artists alongside talented newcomers some of whom are exhibiting for the first time and also for whom the exhibit provides a much-needed platform for their work. Our hope is that we can continue to attract new people of such high calibre to shine a light on their work and perhaps even help them along the first few steps of their careers.

Established artists who have allowed their work to be shown to support the project include: photographer Leon Chew (who’s work has appeared in numerous publications including Blueprint, ViewPoint & Next Level), illustrator Mr-Bingo (who has been commissioned by the BBC, Dazed & Confused and Carhartt) and illustrator and textile designer Eugenia Tsimiklis (whose fabric designs have been used by several high profile US fashion houses and whose illustrations have appeared in The Sunday Telegraph, The Big Issue and Etisoppo).

The success and enthusiasm for the artist project has inspired a second showcase for music that has also started to attract established artists, whose work will appear alongside unsigned acts. So far the site features a diverse range of music; Afro-latin house from Faze Action, spoken word artist Dwayne Morgan, Jazzy instrumental hip hop from Nick Nack, exotic lounge music from Rollercone and my personal favourite a guy called Capital who plays guitar beautifully ­ he’s been on tour in Japan recently and
getting a big underground following!

And speaking of t-shirts, Graniph has recently launched a few new designs.