Rinko Kawauchi

Momus shares his love for photographer Rinko Kawauchi in his latest Click Opera entry.

Design Events

Graphic Wave 2005


I don’t mention the monthly GGG exhibitions much because I automatically visit them (remember, I use this site as a reminder of things I want to see), but I should point out that September sees the “Graphic Wave 2005” show, which you’ll probably want to see.

In September 2005 the Ginza Graphic Gallery will hold the Graphic Wave 2005 exhibition, featuring the works of Ichiro Tanida, Ichiro Higashiizumi and Chie Morimoto. Ichiro Tanida is a topliner director of advertising commercials and video creator. Ichiro Higashiizumi explores the potential of design by transcending the boundaries of genre, ranging from CD jackets and video through product design to spatial design. Art director Chie Morimoto has added her individual touch to numerous advertisements and editorial works, constructing her own unique universe in the process.

The gallery’s Graphic Wave series began in 1996 and this year’s exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of the series. This exhibition brings together three of the currently most talked-about creative talents in Japan for an exhibition that will be unique to each of them and unlike any previous Graphic Wave exhibition. We are also publishing Graphic Wave 10, which interweaves 30 keywords with representative works by the three exhibitors. Up-and-coming photographer Akinori Ikeda took the photographs for this new Graphic Wave publication. (TAB)

It starts today, and goes until September 29.

General TB.Movel

Gameboy Micro

39102148_4e8f960fc1You can try out the new Gameboy Micro at Ikebukuro Station. It goes on sale in two weeks.

TB.Grafico Tokyo Walking



Maisen is an old restaurant in Aoyama that specializes in tonkatsu (fried pork), and I absolutely love the place. The tonkatsu is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth.

Events Music

Digiki at Enban

Digiki (you’re all downloading his POLYPUNK podcast, right) will be performing live next Tuesday (September 6) at Koenji’s Enban, alongside Hot Troche. See Patrick’s Agenda for more details.

Art Events

K-Spray International Tour


Get a taste of live stenciling!

‘K-Spray’, sponsored by shoe company K-Swiss, and curated by artist Ghetto Kitty, will bring the medium of stenciling to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. This stencil tour promises to be the most comprehensive documentation of this burgeoning genre.

The three artists participating in the progressive tour, Logan Hicks (United States), Sixten (Sweden), and Phibs (Australia), will be featured in live painting demonstrations during the opening nights for each city. The ‘live painting’ sessions will allow the audience to view the actual stencils from which the artists work as well as follow the process of creating stencil artwork. Each artist will also be available to converse with the public and answer questions from interested audience members concerning their artistic history.

In addition to the Live Painting, K-Spray will host a gallery exhibition of several dozen artists from around the world. Works shown in the gallery will feature a cross section of styles and approaches to stenciling as a medium. All artwork displayed will be available for purchase and a catalogue of the event will be printed for distribution. A limited number of promotional T-shirts from Logan Hicks, Sixten, and Phibs will be given away on the opening nights. (TAB)

Here’s some more on Logan Hicks:

Known for his hyper-detailed, meticulously hand-cut stencils, he has rocketed to the top ranks of his field with his borderline obsessive approach to creating stencils. This labor and time intensive medium involves cutting a separate stencil for each color and then layering each color upon the next until the finished piece emerges. Completing just one piece with this technique can take hundreds of hours.

Although the subject matter may vary in Logan’s work, there is a consistent feel that underlies each piece. Finding order within chaos and seeing the beauty in the otherwise mundane have been constants in Logan’s work. Whether it is following the trickle of a steel fire escape down the side of a building or mapping out the veins in a leaf with stencils, Logan’s monochromatic work seems to slice time itself and freeze it on the canvas. Art critic Felicia Feaster professed, “Forget traditional landscapes. Hicks’ haunting black-and-silver images wrest noir beauty from unexpected inner-city locales.”

It happens September 3 at SuperDeluxe from 17:00, and the entry is only 1000 yen (includes a drink).