Kissu Shite!

Remember a band called Sixpence None the Richer? No, of course you don’t. They had a hit single a few years ago, “Kiss Me,” featured on the soundtrack to a film (can’t remember what movie it was). The reason I’m bringing this up is that the song is now appearing in a TV commercial here, and Yuko took a liking to it. So I found a “best of” album for her, and we were both really surprised to find a Japanese version of the song on the compilation, and according to Yuko, the singer’s pronunciation is actually quite good. It must be a result of her studying the language or spending some time here, but we haven’t found any info on the web. Just out of curiosity, anyone know anything?

Oh, and even though the lyrics are all in Japanese, the chorus is still “kiss me,” because a Japanese person would never say something like kissu shite.