MyTAB Updates


The good folks at Tokyo Art Beat are at it again, and this week saw the launch of a bunch of a new MyTAB features that are going to help make an already great (and indispensable) site that much better.

  • The “Seen” tag has been turned into a much more useful “Recommend” tag. This will contribute to the ranking of most popular events.
  • The list of events that you want to see can now be sorted by area, which is a great and quick way to look up stuff to see on your mobile phone when you’re somewhere.
  • You can now activate a public version of your MyTAB page (here’s mine).
  • And saving the best for last, you can now publish a list of favorite events on your site by adding a bit of code. This “TAB Badge” looks great, and I’ll be using it here very soon to keep a list of events that I’m currently interested in seeing.

And don’t forget to help celebrate the first anniversary of the site at the SuperDeluxe party next week (October 8).

Update: If you look in the site’s sidebar, you’ll notice implementation of the TAB Badge.