This Week in Magazines


There’s a definite “food” theme lurking throughout this week’s featured magazines, and I do not recommend going through these on an empty stomach like I did.

  • I mentioned it in a previous installment of “This Week in Magazines,” and the PEN-produced PEN_ATES has now launched. “No Food, No Life” pretty much gives away what the magazine is about, and so expect PEN-like coverage (the same sort of layout and sections) of anything that has to do with food, from restaurant news/reviews to city eating guides (the first issue features a look at Barcelona). It’s all pretty to look at, and foodies everywhere are sure to find the kind of info they’re looking for when it comes to eating in Japan (or Tokyo).
  • PEN (162) takes another look at attractive living arrangements, this time focusing on apartments and apartment buildings. It’s very catalogue-like, and quite an exhaustive rundown of what the latest trends are in the world of “mansion” architecture. There’s also an article on Italian-style cafes in Tokyo.
  • The latest issue of BRUTUS (580) is all about wine, with a long feature on wine bars/restaurants, and picks from various celebrities.
  • Again food, as this month’s TITLE (November) covers “meat,” with coverage of specific dishes that are recommended in various establishments. Beware: this feature could quite possibly turn a vegetarian into a meat-lover (and if it doesn’t, I don’t know what will).
  • There’s a new mook (the cover mentions No. 1, so this could be the first in a series) on the stands called DEUTSCH LIFE & DESIGN, and it relates to the German Year events that have been taking place in Tokyo. It’s a catalogue-like look at German design, and they also have a guide to Berlin (shops to check out), and spotlight a few designers/design units.