ART iT 9

A new issue of ART iT (9) is out!

This issue marking the 2nd anniversary of ART iT magazine is made up of two contrasting special features: “Sugimoto: Spatial Perspectives”, a close-up of one of the most outstanding photographers in Asia, and an exploration of creative expression born on the streets, titled “Is Graffiti Art?” New series include “Hasegawa Yuko: Musings of a curator”, an essay by the internationally renowned curator, and “Leap before you look: Theater lovers unite” in which RT favorites Norikoshi Takao and Margarita rant about the state of performing arts. As if this weren’s enough, both the preview section and the exhibition calendar have been further expanded to the greater Asia-Pacific region. And of course, this issue is completely bilingual again. (REALTOKYO)