Animated Nana

Fans of NANA rejoice!

Anime News Network reports that an anime adapation of Ai Yazawa’s (Paradise Kiss) older audience shoujo drama Nana will be adapted into an anime series to air on Japanese TV in Spring 2006. The series follows the lives of two 20 year old women named Nana, a middleclass girl who considers herself unlucky in love and a punk singer with a hard childhood. A second, sequel theatrical live action adapation has also been announced. (AICN)

Although I’m way due for a post regarding the latest anime series that are currently airing, I can tell you that the only show I’m actively following — and to which I’m hopefully addicted — is PARADISE KISS. Yeah, it’s shoujou, but there’s something about the show that has drawn me in. Could be the character designs, the music that suits it (Tommy february9 does the opening theme, and Franz Ferdinand the closing), the surroundings (the stories follows fashion students, so Harajuku-related locales pop up a lot), or of course, the melodrama. Whatever it is, I’m liking it, and am also looking forward to the debut of an animated NANA series.