A Kimono for Your Laptop

From Cool Hunting:

How do you get from a Kimono to a laptop case? Designer Katja Hettler and architect Jula Tüllmann (hettler.tuellmann) won the YOnoBI design competition, which sent them to Japan to collaborate with Mizuta, a manufacturer of traditional Kimono fabric. The upshot was their first folding laptop case made from Kimono material. The duo since founded Berlin-based Maloo with the mission of creating well-designed, ecologically sustainable products. Their first product descends from the Kimono laptop case, but replaces the material with 100% wool felt (pictured above). Called m-1, they’re like security blankets, using velcro to snugly envelop either Macs or 15″ Vaios. Unfolded, the m-1 makes a protective mat and a convenient mousepad, which (as nomadic computer-users know) beats awkwardly balancing on other sleeve-type cases. Available in blue, grey, or orange Maloo’s webstore will launch soon and we’ll let you know when we add them to our Gift Guide.

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