Digital Art Festival Tokyo


Caught this on Matt Hanson’s Eternal Gaze digital film blog:

Promising next edition of Digital Art Festival Tokyo (9-12 December, 2005):

“Shock your brain with the unknown. See it! Hear it! Touch it! Digital art satisfies your brain’s desire to know. Here you’ll find art that uses digital technology, including computer graphics, animation, web design, and interactive works. It’s art that takes you into a new, unknown world.”
Digital Art Festival Tokyo 2005

Invited artists include: Golan Levin, Toshio Iwai (a personal favourite of mine), Hiroaki Tsukamoto. Also includes screenings of the latest CG/animé work.

2004 saw museum installations includes: Toshio Iwai, Jajime Tachibana, Tatsuo Miyajima, and showcases Mind Game Remix with creator Robin Nishi, director Masaaki Yuasa, and visual remixer Koji Morimoto.

Hanson is the original founder of onedotzero, and he’s also written quite a few authoritative tomes on the subject of digital film. After taking a break, he’s back to blogging, and he’d love to get some feedback, like on this post, where he’s trying to compile a list of “best moving images” for 2005.