Mario Kart Worldwide

I’ve been having a blast with MARIO KART DS these past couple of days playing by myself, but oh man, it’s nothing like playing with other people. Today’s meetup was a bit of bust, with only Paul showing up, but we had a killer time playing MARIO KART DS. We tried a few rounds of WIPEOUT on the PSP, and it just couldn’t compare to the fun we had on the DS, and so we quickly went back to it. And just now, I finally got the wi-fi working at home, and just played with 3 Japanese people, and what a rush it was (came in second).

If you’re using Aiport for your wireless network and are having trouble connecting with you DS (like I was), try putting the following settings in, which I found after quite a bit of googling:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Although not a pretty solution (I didn’t have any trouble connecting automatically with my PSP at home), at least it works.