America Hates RR6


I’m a huge fan of the RIDGE RACER series, and played the hell out of the PSP version. I had no idea it was such a low-seller in the US.

Namco’s Ridge Racer 6 is the lowest selling Xbox 360 game in America selling only 9,091 units. By comparison the highest selling title, Call of Duty 2, has sold 250,730. Things couldn’t be more different in Japan. While Microsoft’s white box is about as elusive as a certain white whale in the US, they are readily available in Japan. Ridge Racer 6 is also the highest selling game title in Japan selling 29,891 units. Call of Duty 2 isn’t even in the top 3. (Joystiq)

As for the low sales of the Xbox 360 at launch here, the latest issue of TOKYO WALKER had a piece on the system, and most of the games they spotlighted — the ones most Japanese gamers are likely to want — are only coming out in 2006 (stuff like BLUE SEED and NINETY NINE NIGHTS). Really, Microsoft probably should have waited and only launched the console in the spring of next year.