Podcast Update

An update on the Japanese music podcast project: Macworld 2006’s keynote saw plenty of nice announcements (the MacBook Pro is the system I’ve been waiting for a year to get), and most exciting for the podcast project was the release of the new version of Garageband, which includes a podcast recording studio. So for now, I’m waiting to get my hands on that because I think it’ll be perfect for what I have planned (and the reason I haven’t bought it yet is because I’m seriously considering upgrading to a MacBook next month, and iLife comes with it).

Some very bad news for the other podcast Momus-like travelogue project: I’ve gone and lost the iPod recorder I bought (iTalk). I was looking for it before heading out to Roppongi last week and couldn’t find it, and since then I’ve looked some more with no success — it must have fallen out of my bag during an outing. Since I’m not planning on buying a new one anytime soon, I guess that does it for that.

Update: Found my iTalk!