Pimpin’ the Casio

xd-fp9100_largeA reader recently asked me for suggestions on an electronic Japanese/English dictionary, and it just so happens that I bought one a few weeks ago. After examining quite a few models, I ended up going with the Casio XD-FP9100, which seemed like the best deal for me. It’s a bit pricey, at close to 30 000 yen (list price is around 50 000 yen), but I’ve had cheaper ones in the past that just didn’t get the job done. Yuko has always been happy with her Casio dictionaries, and that’s what she was recommending for me — for the specific model, we both looked at what they all offered, and picked the one that seemed to make sense for my needs. It includes a shitload of dictionaries (kanji, a couple of Japanese/English, some English/Japanese, thesaurus, and more) and I’ve been very happy with it. I recommend getting it at Bic Camera: not only do you get it well below the list price, you get plenty of points (that’s what I used to get my copy of MARIO KART DS), and you also get a deal on a case when you purchase it (any case for 1000 yen, or something like that).