Save Gocco

From Drawn! The Illustration Blog:

Gocco enthusiasts are banding together to help find the little Gocco kits a new home. Riso, the Japanese company that distributed the kits has announced that it is discontinuing the Gocco line!

What is Gocco? Gocco is a low-cost professional-quality printing system. The small, automated screen-printer has been a boon to artists making mini-comics and small prints. In fact, in Japan, where the Gocco originated, over one-third of the households own and use a Gocco Printer.

If you’re a fan of Gocco prints or the printer itself, check out the Save Gocco site to see what you can do to help out.

I’d never even heard of these.

Update: Ian Lynam adds, “there is a Save Gocco show that will be occurring in Portland, OR next month in conjunction with the site that I will be having some work in along with a number of other folks. You can see details here. One other Tokyoite, Mizna Wada, has work in the show, as well.”